Show your employees you care with an unforgettable holiday party

This year has been a rough year for all, both at home and at work. Employees have had to deal with new ways of working, concerns about the wellbeing of themselves and their loved ones, missed holidays, and increased uncertainty about the future.

That’s why this year it’s important for companies to give employees a chance to relax and thank them for everything they’ve done to keep business going. A holiday party is a great way to do just that, plus it can help increase motivation and engagement and build a foundation for future success.
However, due to the ever-changing COVID-19 situation, planning an office holiday party in 2020 is no easy task. One must prepare for different scenarios, accommodate a wider-than-usual range of employee needs, be flexible, and above all else – be creative! Time to call in a professional!
We’ve prepared a variety of social distancing-friendly party packages, ranging from intimate in-person gatherings, to hybrid events which enable larger groups to celebrate safely, to virtual events employees can enjoy from home. We’re also happy to work with you to develop a concept tailored to your specific needs. Regardless of your choice, we’re excited to work with you to make sure your employees enjoy an unforgettable office party!

A cozy dinner in the woods with your team

Enjoy a delicious meal with your team and celebrate the holiday season at a unique venue located in the middle of nature close to Naarden. Despite its rural setting, the location is easily accessible by car and features indoor and (covered) outdoor spaces so you can dine in any weather. Your gourmet meal will be cooked outdoors, adding to the rustic atmosphere. One of the event’s highlights is a cozy campfire – with the option of having your own private singer songwriter concert – so don’t forget to dress warmly!

• Located near Naarden; easily accessible by car
• Gourmet dinner or lunch in a semi-outdoor setting
• Entertainment includes a campfire and optional private concert
• We strictly follow the RIVM rules / recommendations
• Up to 12 guests
• Duration: 3 hours
• Cost: from 295 euros per person excluding VAT and optional concert

A Winter Wonderland for colleagues and families

Celebrate the coming of winter with your colleagues and families at a magical Winter Wonderland, located in an old fort in the woods near Gorinchem. You’ll find all the treats you love from holiday markets – like gluhwein, oliebollen, and sausage with sauerkraut – plus activities for children and adults alike. The little ones can explore the nearby woods with a forester and get a tour of the fortress. Everyone can go for a spin on the ice-skating rink and come together for a concert around a cozy campfire. You can even pick out a Christmas tree and have it delivered to your home!

Located near Gorinchem; easily accessible by car
Typical holiday market drinks and snacks
Entertainment includes fortress tours, ice-skating, and a campfire concert
• Optional Christmas trees for employees, including home delivery
• We strictly follow the RIVM rules / recommendations
Up to 100 guests
Duration: 4 hours
Cost: from 295 euros per person excluding VAT and optional Christmas trees

A virtual cocktail party featuring a professional mixologist

Kick back, relax, and celebrate the year’s end with colleagues, friends, and family over cocktails and snacks. Each employee will have their own personal cocktail party kit delivered to their doorstep, including all the ingredients you need to make speakeasy-quality cocktails! A professional host will guide employees through an action-packed program. Employees will get cocktail making instructions from a professional mixologist and vie for the title of carol connoisseur and the chance to take home prizes during a holiday music quiz. The evening will wrap up with some words from your CEO.

Virtual event
Gift box includes cocktail ingredients, cocktail making equipment, and typical bar snacks
Entertainment includes a professional host, a mixologist, and a holiday music quiz
• Up to 100 guests
Duration: 1,5 hours
Cost: from 145 euros per person excluding VAT

A virtual costume party and lip sync battle

Close out the year in epic fashion by seeing which of your colleagues will be crowned Lip Sync Champion! Taking cues from shows like Lip Sync Battle and RuPaul’s Drag Race, this lively event will feature a professional host and lip sync battles between employees. Each employee will receive a gift box delivered to their home, filled with treats and props to create a festive mood, and employees will get bonus points for showing up in costume. After each battle the winner will be determined by viewer votes and the top finishers will earn prizes. The evening will close with a speech from your CEO.

Virtual event
Gift box includes alcoholic and alcohol-free beverages, snacks, and costume props and accessories
Entertainment includes a professional host, a lip sync battle, and a costume contest
• Up to 100 guests
Duration: 1,5 hours
Cost: from 180 euros per person excluding VAT

What a rollercoaster of a year!

To mark the end of one rollercoaster ride of a year, take a journey with your colleagues through the past year’s ups and downs and a variety of entertainment​. A “rollercoaster” ride will be set up outdoors which passes entertainers, screens showing video content, food stations, and drink stations​. Employees can either attend in their own vehicle or in a vehicle arranged by the company. At the end of the ride everyone can park, watch a speech from the CEO​, and mingle in an outdoor space. For this event we will work with you to determine details like location, duration, and cost.

Five reasons you should organize an office holiday party in 2020

Thank your employees

A memorable party and thoughtful gifts show your staff that you appreciate their hard work, sacrifices, and resilience over the past year.

Build stronger teams

Giving your employees the chance to relax and get to know each other better can help improve team dynamics and communication.

Retain your best people

Showing your employees that you value them, not just as workers but as human beings, helps create a sense of belonging and build loyalty.

Reinforce your purpose

A party is a good opportunity to remind everyone what bonds you and makes you successful and the impact your work has on the world.

Motivate further success

Reflecting on your achievements and sharing your goals helps employees understand what they need to do and get excited about another successful year.