We help our clients develop brands which are authentic, distinctive, and earn them the trust of their customers and employees.

To develop identities that feel familiar and true, we engage a variety of stakeholders and thoroughly research a company’s history. To help clients find their own unique and strategic niche, we analyze competitors and the market. While we of course listen carefully and take feedback into account, when needed we challenge clients to think beyond the status quo and see the big picture. We are not satisfied until we arrive at a brand that looks beautiful, makes sense, and leaves the client feeling well equipped for future success.

For example, for our own brand, we reflected on our values, culture, and ambitions and analyzed our competitors. The end result is a unique brand which embodies who we are and our company purpose.

Our capabilities include:
• Brand guidelines
• Brand identity
• Rebranding / brand refresh
• Brand management
• Brand strategy
• Logo design