Content Production Case Study: TenureX

Communicating the complexities of correspondent banking to support the launch of a revolutionary FinTech start-up

Israel-based FinTech start-up, TenureX, approached W Creative to support the development and launch of their brand. In addition to logo creation and brand identity work, we worked with TenureX to craft a brand story, generate website copy, develop video content and produce infographics. As critical marketing assets, these elements not only served to promote the business but also supported the dissemination of complex technical ideas into digestible and easy-to-understand formats.

Preparation for seed funding
Alongside the launch of TenureX into the correspondent banking market, W Creative were required to ensure that the company was positioned to attract future seed funding. This required the development of a clear and concise verbal and visual identity.
W Creative’s content team simultaneously shaped content for both customers and investors, ensuring a consistency of messaging and clarity of purpose across all brand assets.
What W delivered
Working with a start-up presented the W Creative team with a blank canvas on which to develop an identity and a voice that would stand the test of time in a fast-moving FinTech space.
Work included:
  • Logo
  • Brand identity guidelines
  • Value proposition and brand story development
  • Website design and development
  • Website copywriting
  • Explainer video production
  • Infographic development
  • Investor presentation decks
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